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Become a member of the Skeddly Referral Program and earn recurring revenue each month.

Skeddly is the leading service for automating and scheduling of your Amazon Web Services account. With over 85 schedulable actions to use, covering over 30 AWS services, no other service contains the breadth of scheduled automation features that Skeddly does.

Our customers love Skeddly. Skeddly has an outstandingly high NPS score (75+).


Recurring commission from every referral

Receive a 30% recurring commission each month from every customer you refer.


Performance bonus

$25 bonus everytime you close 10 customers.

Who Can Join?

Managed Service Providers

Refer your clients and customers to Skeddly and get them using the Skeddly service.

Existing Customers

Tell your friends and colleagues about how much easier your job has been since you started using Skeddly.


Is your blog AWS or cloud focused? Advertise Skeddly on your blog by adding links and banners to your articles.

Content Creators

Create a tutorial, record a video, write an article, or review Skeddly. The more content you can create, the more you can earn.

No technical skills required.

How Does It Work?

The Skeddly Referral Program is a great way to generate additional revenue by referring your friends and colleagues to the same product you know and love.

  1. Sign-up to the Skeddly Referral Program.
  2. Place your unique affiliate link on your website, on your Facebook page, LinkedIn group, or send it to your friends and colleagues.
  3. Leads follow your link and sign-up with Skeddly.
  4. When your leads become paying customers, you will receive a recurring 30% commission.
  5. When 10 leads become paying customers, you will receive a $25 bonus.

Just get people to take an honest look at Skeddly. We'll take care of the rest.

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