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Skeddly is the leading SaaS solution for automated Amazon AWS control. According to your schedule, Skeddly automatically starts and stops EC2 instances, creates EC2 snapshots, and much more!

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  • Reduce Costs

    Lower your costs by starting and stopping your EC2 instances automatically when you need them. Start them in the morning, stop them in the evening.

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  • Automatic Backups

    Automatically create backups and snapshots of your EC2 instances, RDS databases and Redshift clusters. Delete old snapshots automatically too.

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  • Many Action Types

    Skeddly is packed with many different action types. Support for EC2, RDS, Redshift, Route 53, ElastiCache, Directory Service and more.

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  • Easy to Use

    With an easy to use interface, managing your actions is simple and effective.

Why Use Skeddly?

  • Years of Experience

    Skeddly was the first automated scheduling service for Amazon Web Services. Since 2011, Skeddly has been in full production saving companies money and creating automated backups.

  • Skeddly Does More

    Don't use one service to start and stop your instances and another service to create your backups. With Skeddly, you can do it all with one managed service.

    With actions for EC2, RDS, Redshift, S3, CloudFormation, and many more services, Skeddly is the most feature-rich scheduling service available.

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  • Reliability

    Skeddly has a proven track-record of being reliable. Skeddly is not just a single server running cron. Skeddly was built from the ground-up for high-availability and resiliency. Your actions will run on-time, that's our guarantee.

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  • Security

    You won't be given a giant, all-encompassing IAM policy which gives Skeddly too many permissions. Instead, Skeddly starts assuming it has no permissions to your AWS account. Then we build up a custom IAM policy with just the permissions needed to do what you want Skeddly to do. Nothing more.

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  • Our Customers Love Us

    From large enterprises to small and medium businesses to individuals, everyone loves Skeddly. Many of our customers come from word-of-mouth and positive referrals. Thanks!

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What Our Customers Say!

  • [...] If you consider using AWS you might need an easy to use task scheduler like Skeddly. It made our life easier for backup planning, restarting instances and so on. Take a look, we love it!

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