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Below are comments from some of our very happy customers.

"Skeddly has made AWS automation approachable, reportable, and cost effective for our small team. We appreciate the rock-solid reliability of the actions we create, and the simplicity of setting it up and managing actions. The fact I only need to check in on it once a month to do my monthly infrastructure reports is very welcome!"
Eric Hoffman
President, Datastream Connexion
"We at WOW air have been using Skeddly to automate various tasks related to services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Skeddly offers a very user friendly and powerful interface to set up and execute tasks either manually or by schedule. Big plus about Skeddly is that you pay per usage. You can even save money by using Skeddly to turn off testing and development environments outside office hours. Skeddly offers a free trial... what are you waiting for?"
Kristján Þorvaldsson
Director of IT, WOW air
"Skeddly has become such an integral part of our service. Since day one, it has been rock solid, with zero down time, very reasonable pricing, and extremely responsive support and dev team. For AWS automation, Skeddly is the way to go!"
George Khairallah
"Skeddly provides Fronde an automation tool which allows us to offer a low cost, easy to support back-up and start/stop service for our Managed Services Customers on AWS. All my engineers love the product, it just works."
Michael Butler
Manager - Cloud Service Management Team, Fronde
"I've been using Skeddly for a while now to snapshot my primary EC2 EBS volume and it works perfectly. Skeddly is fantastic, really can't fault it, been 100% rock solid since I signed up."
Robert Morgan
Founder, Cleaner Planner
"We have moved at least 5 clients over to skeddly and have nothing but great reports from everyone that tries it, as well as we couldn't be happier!"
Daniel Stinebaugh
Senior Systems Administrator, Six Nines IT
"We have tried the [Copy EC2 Instance action] on a couple of occasions and it works really well. A big thank you for this - we're really loving Skeddly :) I frequently recommend Skeddly to Dev's I work with."
Chris Swain
Operations Director, 2 minute learning
"I had no idea why it took so long for an app like yours to come about. You guys did a really great job with it, so many features I did not consider. And thank you for 2Step Auth, that is integral and I am glad it is there."
Karl J.

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