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Pay only for what you use. There is no minimum fee. Skeddly's pricing model is very similar to that of Amazon Web Services.

Free Tier

Anyone can get started for free. All Skeddly customers receive the following each calendar month:

  • 31 "Start Instance" action executions for t1.micro instances
  • 5 "Create EBS Snapshot" action executions

That's enough to start and stop an EC2 micro instance every day, and to take a snapshot each week for a month.


Prices are per action execution unless otherwise indicated.

Action Type Price Notes
Start Instance (micro instances): $0.03
Start Instance (all other instance types): $0.15
Stop Instance: $0.15
Launch Instance: $0.15
Terminate Instance: $0.15
Reboot Instance: $0.15
Request EC2 Spot Instance: $0.15
Associate Elastic IP Address: $0.15
Copy EC2 Instance: $0.15
Start Multiple Instances: $0.15 per instance started
Stop Multiple Instances: $0.15 per instance stopped
Change EC2 Instance Type: $0.15
Create EBS Snapshot: $0.15
Delete EBS Snapshots: $0.15
Copy EBS Snapshots: $0.15
Backup Instance: $0.15 per snapshot created
Create Multiple EBS Snapshots: $0.15 per snapshot created
Backup Multiple Instances: $0.15 per snapshot created
Grow EBS Volume: $0.15
Copy EBS Volume: $0.15
Add EC2 Security Group Rule: $0.15
Update Auto Scaling Group: $0.15
Register Instance with Load Balancer: $0.15
Deregister Instance from Load Balancer: $0.15
Create AMI Image: $0.15
Deregister AMI Images: $0.15
Copy AMI Images: $0.15
Restore RDS Instance: $0.15
Create RDS Read Replica: $0.15
Change RDS Instance Class: $0.15
Delete RDS Instances: $0.15
Create RDS Snapshot: $0.15
Delete RDS Snapshots: $0.15
Copy RDS Snapshots: $0.15
Restore Redshift Cluster: $0.15
Resize Redshift Cluster: $0.15
Delete Redshift Clusters: $0.15
Create Redshift Snapshot: $0.15
Delete Redshift Snapshots: $0.15
Backup Route 53 Hosted Zone: $0.15
Update Route 53 Record: $0.15
Publish SNS Message: $0.15
Delete S3 Objects: $0.15
Delete DynamoDB Items: $0.15
Backup MySQL Server: $0.15
EC2 Running Time Report: $0.15 per instance reported
Resource Report: $0.15
All other actions: Contact us


All prices are in Canadian dollars.
Ontario residents are subject to 13% HST.
HST # 824643035 RT0001.

There are no other fees except what you may incur in your own AWS account.

Actions which result in failures (for example, due to incorrect specification of instance, volume ids, etc.) will be charged normally.


Payments are made by credit card. We currently accept the following credit cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

For accounts large enough, PayPal invoices or corporate purchase orders can be accepted. Please Contact us to discuss details.