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Below are comments from some of our very happy customers.

"Skeddly achieves a really nice balance of having lots of features whilst still being easy to use. We've used it to automate a number of tasks with AWS which has simplified our processes and saved the team 100's of hours."
Guy Thornton
Managing Director, Practice Aptitude Tests
"You make something very complicated simple to use and most importantly reliably! I don’t feel comfortable writing my own python scripts to copy assets from one bucket to another. Your service is great and at a good price. Thanks."
Ralph Morris
Co-Founder, Make Me Bridal
"Just a great service. Easy to use, reliable, flexible. Allows me to set and forget my backup strategy and also saves me a lot of money spinning up and down test servers automatically."
Richard Haynes
Co-Founder, eTool
"Just works perfectly without the need for coding or scripting knowledge."
Peter Braun
Senior Systems Engineer, Rayonier Matariki Forests
"You guys have a solution for all my AWS routine needs. Thank for building a great and affordable platform!"
John M. Ruffner​
President, Tools 4 Data
"The service has thus far been very easy to use, straight-forward, effective, and appropriately priced! Also, the support has been phenomenal."
Scott Hunter
Manager, Retail Cloud Operations, Lexmark International
"It works nicely, cheaply and it got me back under budget for the first time this year with regards to AWS costs."
Karl Geppert
Software Development Manager, PelicanCorp
"Skeddly provides Consegna.Cloud an automation tool which allows us to offer a low cost, easy to support back-up and start/stop service for our Managed Services Customers on AWS. All my engineers love the product, it just works."
Michael Butler
COO - Head of Cloud Services, Consegna.Cloud
"For us, Skeddly turns the occasional death defying risk into a casual click in the park. We build on top of that to be more ambitious in our development goals."
Marc LaFoy
Art Director, Screen Images
"Skeddly is a great product that keeps expanding its line at affordable prices while reducing our need for custom coding of basic functions in AWS. The support team is excellent and has responded to our needs each time we reached out."
Michal Mietkowski
Network Engineer, Workwise LLC
"I run a database system supporting a volunteer group. I have a need to schedule daily emails and other batch processes every day at 06:00. I use Skeddly to start the "batch" instance. Skeddly has worked flawlessly for years."
Eric Waddell
VP Information Technology, Canadian Ski Patrol Central Zone
"Even though I can accomplish this task using AWS Lamba this service makes scheduling events easy. Plus the logging and integration is very nice. Saves me time and the cost is nominal"
Lee Melhorn
CEO, Omnilogic Systems, Inc.
"Skeddly provides an incredibly simple way to do quick and dirty automation against AWS, without having to write custom scripts. This is very useful when getting started in AWS, or doing rapid R&D work, where having to write little automations like those that Skeddly provides would just get in the way."
Aaron Mehlmauer
Senior Software Developer, Management Science Associates, Inc.
"Skeddly saves us a ton of time by not having to code day to day scheduling tasks using Powershell or CLI. It also has a great user interface and all of our tasks can be viewed from one place. Matt is always adding new features as well. Thanks!"
Gary Braman
Senior Technical Consultant, focusIT, Inc.
"Super easy and reliable service. Really helps us manage our AWS environment."
Orion Newman
Vice President, IT, Retail Insights
"Your solution tremendously simplifies our need for AWS Snapshot Retention Policies. Way easier than having to script it out and schedule as a task using the Amazon AWS CLI. Your Grandfather, Father, Son scheme does exactly what we need and saves me time from having to figure out how to script out that logic."
Derek Preston
Network Administrator, Saris Cycling Group
"Skeddly is a core part of our cloud infrastructure, and allows us to downsize our 24/7 servers at low traffic times, and switch off our working day servers when they're not in use, saving us thousands of pounds every year. Although we used to use bespoke scripts for this server management previously, the ease of use of Skeddly makes it all so much easier. I always recommend Skeddly alongside AWS."
Paul Vincent
Head of Technology and Media, Open College of the Arts
"Skeddly has made AWS automation approachable, reportable, and cost effective for our small team. We appreciate the rock-solid reliability of the actions we create, and the simplicity of setting it up and managing actions. The fact I only need to check in on it once a month to do my monthly infrastructure reports is very welcome!"
Eric Hoffman
President, Datastream Connexion
"We at WOW air have been using Skeddly to automate various tasks related to services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Skeddly offers a very user friendly and powerful interface to set up and execute tasks either manually or by schedule. Big plus about Skeddly is that you pay per usage. You can even save money by using Skeddly to turn off testing and development environments outside office hours. Skeddly offers a free trial... what are you waiting for?"
Kristján Þorvaldsson
Director of IT, WOW air
"Skeddly has become such an integral part of our service. Since day one, it has been rock solid, with zero down time, very reasonable pricing, and extremely responsive support and dev team. For AWS automation, Skeddly is the way to go!"
George Khairallah
"I've been using Skeddly for a while now to snapshot my primary EC2 EBS volume and it works perfectly. Skeddly is fantastic, really can't fault it, been 100% rock solid since I signed up."
Robert Morgan
Founder, Cleaner Planner
"We have moved at least 5 clients over to skeddly and have nothing but great reports from everyone that tries it, as well as we couldn't be happier!"
Daniel Stinebaugh
Senior Systems Administrator, Six Nines IT
"We have tried the [Copy EC2 Instance action] on a couple of occasions and it works really well. A big thank you for this - we're really loving Skeddly :) I frequently recommend Skeddly to Dev's I work with."
Chris Swain
Operations Director, 2 minute learning
"I had no idea why it took so long for an app like yours to come about. You guys did a really great job with it, so many features I did not consider. And thank you for 2Step Auth, that is integral and I am glad it is there."
Karl J.

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