Reduce your Azure costs up to 70%.
No scripting.

Skeddly starts your virtual machines when they're needed, and stops them when they aren't.

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Using Skeddly's advanced scheduling features, you can easily create custom schedules that will start and stop your Azure virtual machines. This is ideal for development, staging, and other "business-hours only" environments. By taking advantage of this cost-savings strategy, you can save up to 70% when compared to running your servers 24/7.

Start and Stop Your Servers

Schedule your virtual machines to start and stop when they are needed.

Reduce Your Costs

By running your servers only when you need them, you lower your Azure costs by up to 70%.

No Scripting Required

By using Skeddly's easy-to-use user interface, no scripting is required, and you can be saving money within 15 minutes.

Choose Your Schedule

Choose when you want your virtual machines to start. Select the time of day and days of the week.

Select Your Virtual Machines

Choose the virtual machines you want to start and stop. Select to stop all virtual machines, only certain resource groups, virtual machines matching certain name patterns, or only those with matching resource tags.

Select the Running Time

Once your virtual machines are running, they can be stopped after a pre-determined amount of time.

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