Action Types

Skeddly Includes Many Types of Actions

Below is a complete list of the types of actions you can create using Skeddly. (Hopefully none were missed).

Amazon Web Services

Amazon EC2

  • Create EBS snapshots
  • Copy EBS snapshots across regions and accounts
  • Delete EBS snapshots
  • Create AMI images
  • Copy AMI images across regions
  • Copy AMI images to S3
  • Deregister AMI images
  • Export EC2 instances
  • Start EC2 instances
  • Stop EC2 instances
  • Launch EC2 instances
  • Launch EC2 scheduled instances
  • Terminate EC2 instances
  • Reboot EC2 instances
  • Change EC2 instances
  • Request EC2 spot instances
  • Associate Elastic IP addresses
  • Copy EC2 instances
  • Attach IAM Role to EC2 Instances
  • Add and remove EC2 security group rules
  • Update Auto Scaling groups
  • Register and deregister EC2 instances with load balancers
  • Delete unused Elastic Load Balancers
  • Grow EBS volumes
  • Change EBS volume types
  • Delete unattached EBS volumes
  • Tag EBS volumes
  • Tag EBS snapshots
  • Delete unused Elastic IP addresses
  • Enable EBS fast snapshot restores
  • Disable EBS fast snapshot restores

Amazon VPC

  • Start VPC network insights (reachability) analyses

Amazon RDS

  • Create RDS snapshots
  • Copy RDS snapshots across regions
  • Export RDS snapshots to S3
  • Delete RDS snapshots
  • Start and stop RDS instances and clusters
  • Restore RDS instances and clusters from snapshots
  • Change RDS instances
  • Change RDS instance classes
  • Create RDS read-replicas
  • Reboot RDS instances
  • Delete RDS instances

Amazon DocumentDB

  • Start and stop DocumentDB clusters

Amazon Redshift

  • Create Redshift snapshots
  • Delete Redshift snapshots
  • Restore Redshift instances
  • Resize Redshift instances
  • Delete Redshift instances
  • Modify Redshift parameter groups

Amazon ElastiCache

  • Create ElastiCache snapshots
  • Delete ElastiCache snapshots
  • Create ElastiCache clusters
  • Create ElastiCache read-replicas
  • Reboot ElastiCache clusters
  • Delete ElastiCache clusters

Amazon Lightsail

  • Start Lightsail instances
  • Stop Lightsail instances
  • Reboot Lightsail instances
  • Create Lightsail instances from snapshots
  • Create Lightsail instance snapshots
  • Delete Lightsail instance snapshots

Amazon Directory Service

  • Create Directory Service snapshots
  • Delete Directory Service snapshots

Amazon Storage Gateway

  • Create Storage Gateway snapshots

Amazon S3

  • Copy S3 objects between buckets
  • Modify S3 objects
  • Delete S3 objects
  • Erase Deleted S3 objects
  • Apply S3 bucket policies

AWS Transfer for SFTP

  • Start Transfer for SFTP servers

Amazon WorkSpaces

  • Start WorkSpaces workspaces
  • Stop WorkSpaces workspaces
  • Reboot WorkSpaces workspaces
  • Rebuild WorkSpaces workspaces
  • Delete Unused WorkSpaces workspaces

Amazon AppStream 2.0

  • Start AppStream fleets
  • Stop AppStream fleets

Amazon Elastic Container Service

  • Update ECS Services

Amazon Lambda

  • Invoke Lambda functions


  • Create CloudFormation stack
  • Delete CloudFormation stacks


  • Delete unused CloudWatch alarms

Elastic Beanstalk

  • Delete Elastic Beanstalk application versions

Amazon DynamoDB

  • Change DynamoDB Tables
  • Create DynamoDB Backups
  • Delete DynamoDB Backups

Amazon FSx

  • Create FSx Backups
  • Delete FSx Backups

Amazon Simple Systems Management (SSM)

  • Send SSM Command

Amazon Simple Workflow (SWF)

  • Start SWF workflow execution

Amazon Route 53

  • Backup Route 53 hosted zones
  • Update Route 53 records

Amazon SNS

  • Publish SNS message

Amazon IAM

  • Check root access keys
  • Disable unused IAM access keys
  • Generate IAM credential report

AWS CodeDeploy

  • Deploy CodeDeploy applications

AWS CloudTrail

  • Create CloudTrail trails

Amazon Athena

  • Run Athena queries


  • EC2 running time report
  • EC2 instances report
  • Resource report
  • EBS volume snapshot report
  • CloudFormation stack drift report

Microsoft Azure

Virtual Machines

  • Start and stop virtual machines

Disk Snapshots

  • Create disk snapshots
  • Delete disk snapshots

Google Cloud Platform

Google Compute Engine

  • Start and stop VM instances
  • Change VM instances
  • Create and delete disk snapshots
  • Resize managed instance groups

Google Cloud SQL

  • Start and stop Cloud SQL instances
  • Create and delete Cloud SQL backups

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