Simple Pricing

Pay only for what you use. There are no monthly fees and no minimum costs.

Free Usage Tier

Anyone can get started for free. All Skeddly customers receive the following each calendar month:

  • 100 free VM instance starts
  • 100 free VM instance stops
  • Creation of 20 free disk snapshots

Even if staying within the free usage tier, we ask customers to upgrade to a paid account to continue using Skeddly beyond the free 30-day trial period.


Action prices are per action execution unless otherwise indicated.

VM Instances

Free Usage Tier: All customers get 100 VM instance starts and stops free each month.

Resource Price
Per VM instance started: $0.08
Per VM instance stopped: $0.08
Action Type Price Notes
Start VM Instances: $0.00 See VM instance start pricing
Stop VM Instances: $0.00 See VM instance stop pricing

Disk Snapshots

Free Usage Tier: All customers can create up to 20 disk snapshots free each month.

Resource Price
Per disk snapshot created: $0.15
Action Type Price Notes
Backup VM Instances: $0.00 See disk snapshot pricing
Delete Disk Snapshots: $0.15

Canadian residents are subject to applicable GST/HST.
GST/HST # 824643035 RT0001.

There are no other fees except what you may incur in your own AWS account.

Actions which result in failures (for example, due to incorrect specification of instance, volume ids, etc.) will be charged normally.

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