Automatic Backups for AWS.
No scripting.

Skeddly schedules and automates daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots, images, and backups for EC2, RDS, Redshift, Lightsail, DynamoDB, and other Amazon Web Services resources.

Many companies, big and small, love Skeddly!

Backup your AWS resources now!

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Select Your Instances

Choose the EC2, RDS, Lightsail instances, or DynamoDB tables you want to backup. Select to backup all instances, by ID, or only those with matching resource tags.

Create Your Backups

Create your snapshots and images using runtime information, such as instance ID or date, when naming your backups.

Additional tags can be added to your backups for cost allocation and categorization.

Copy the Backups to Secondary Regions

Once your backups are complete, they can be copied to a secondary AWS region or another AWS account. This adds extra levels of protection for your data.

Backup your AWS resources now!

And never miss another snapshot again.

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